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Silicon carbide
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Silicon carbide
Silicon carbide

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Silicon carbide thermally conductive ceramic sheet is a ceramic whose main component is SiC. Silicon carbide ceramic products are green and environmentally friendly materials. It belongs to the microporous structure, and can increase the porosity by 30% under the same unit area, which greatly increases the heat dissipation area in contact with air and enhances its heat dissipation effect. At the same time, its thermal capacity is small, its own heat storage is small, and its heat can be transferred to the outside world more quickly. The main features of the product: environmental protection, insulation resistance to high voltage, efficient heat dissipation, to avoid breeding EMI problems. H.SAC ceramic products are mainly used in network communication products, flat-panel TVs, drive power supplies and related electronics industries, which can effectively solve the heat conduction and heat dissipation problems in the electronics and home appliances industries. Thin, short, and small products can provide technical support and applications for the innovation and development of electronic products.

Silicon carbide thermal ceramic substrate product description:

Material: SiC

Color: light green

Silicon carbide thermal ceramic substrate features:

1. High heat dissipation capacity, high thermal conductivity, and high insulation capacity

2.High temperature resistant working environment and anti-corrosive environment

3.The best electronic insulation and avoid breeding EMI problems

4. Light weight and high surface area

5, easy to install, no long-term storage quality issues

6, environmentally friendly materials and environmentally friendly process products, environmentally friendly.

Silicon carbide thermal ceramic substrate use:

Components: integrated circuits, chips, CPU, MOS, South Bridge

LED: backlight module, general (commercial) lighting


Network equipment: AP, router, ADSL, modern, S / W, set-top box

Information Technology: M / B, NB, Video, Card


Power supply: Power module, power transistor

Silicon carbide thermal ceramic substrate product performance:

SiC thermal ceramic substrate product performance parameter form picture



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