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Artificial graphite
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Heat conducting artificial graphite Heat conducting artificial graphite
Heat conducting artificial graphite

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Synthetic graphite film is a new type of diaphragm material sintered with other auxiliary materials such as polyimide film, coal tar coke, petroleum coke, etc. It has a high heat transfer effect, and the thermal conductivity is usually 800 ~ 1500w / mk. It is mainly used in smart phones. , Tablet computers, LEDs, TVs and other electronic products, allowing electronic products to achieve miniaturization, thinness and lightness, and is widely used in small gaps and non-insulated environments, providing the most superior heat dissipation for the thin and light development of electronic products solution


LED, heat sink, LCD-TV, notebook computer, communication equipment, wireless switch, DVD, handheld device, video camera / digital camera, mobile phone.

Main features:

Ultra-high thermal conductivity / easy to handle, low thermal resistance, light weight.

product description:

Artificial graphite film is widely used in important emerging industries such as new energy and energy-saving transformation, such as photovoltaic inverters, wind power converters, and inverters, with excellent characteristics such as high thermal conductivity, high reliability, light weight, easy processing, and environmental protection. There are huge application prospects in power electronics technology fields such as LEDs. Of course, these products are most widely used in smart phones, such as Apple phones and Samsung phones. At the same time it is widely used in notebooks, handheld devices, communication base station equipment.

Schematic diagram of graphite sheet thermal diffusion




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