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Alumina ceramic sheet Alumina ceramic sheet
Alumina ceramic sheet
规格:17mm*22mm, 22mm*28mm,,50mm*50mm,114mm*114mm, 139mm*190mm 等;其余非标产品可提供图纸加工定制。

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Alumina thermal conductive ceramic sheet The product is a new type of precise thermal conductive ceramic sheet, industrial thermal conductive ceramic sheet and functional thermal conductive ceramic sheet product widely used at present. Due to the high cost of raw materials and the particularity of forming process, alumina thermal conductive ceramic chips are mainly used in high-tech fields, such as metallurgy, chemical industry, electronics, national defense, aerospace and nuclear technology.

Alumina thermally conductive ceramic sheet belongs to special ceramics. It has high strength, high hardness, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, insulation and other excellent characteristics. It has attracted attention from various industries. Unmatched advantages of materials.

At present, the market demand for 99 alumina thermally conductive ceramic sheets is increasing day by day. While 95 alumina ceramics are highly sought after, it has also led to the rapid development of alumina ceramic manufacturers. A series of related operating companies such as alumina porcelain balls have emerged at the historic moment and have developed rapidly.

Ceramic alumina is widely used in the ceramic industry, and it is also very superior in performance. Its thermal conductivity, insulation, and heat dissipation are already basic characteristics. Alumina thermally conductive ceramic sheets have become more and more widely used in practical life. At the same time, ceramic alumina sheets that can meet various special performance requirements must have the following three Big Features:

1. High hardness of ceramic alumina flakes

The third-party professional agency tests the Rockwell hardness of the alumina ceramic sheet to reach a hardness between HRA80-90 after diamond.

Second, ceramic alumina sheet has good wear resistance

In terms of wear resistance, the alumina heat-conducting ceramic sheet has exceeded the manganese steel by more than 266 times and the high chromium cast iron by 171.5 times. According to the customer's follow-up survey in the past ten years, if it is the same situation, the equipment can be improved in service life, at least ten times more.

3. Light weight ceramic alumina flakes

The density of alumina thermal conductive ceramic sheet is only 3.5g / cm3, which is less than half of steel, which effectively reduces the load of the equipment. If it is made of alumina ceramic sheet, it is better to operate and lighter. It can also be customized according to the customer's drawing size.



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