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The difference between natural graphite and artificial graphite

Article Source:Taitong Smart | Author:Taitong Smart | Time:2019-12-06
Graphite can be divided into natural graphite and artificial graphite. They have similar structure and physicochemical properties, but their uses are quite different.

Natural graphite is formed by the transformation of carbon rich organic matter under the long-term action of high temperature and high pressure geological environment, and is the crystallization of nature. The technological characteristics of natural graphite mainly depend on its crystal morphology. Minerals with different crystal forms have different industrial values and uses. There are many kinds of natural graphite. According to the different crystal forms, natural graphite can be divided into three types: dense crystalline graphite, flake graphite and aphanitic graphite. There are mainly two kinds of graphite in China: flake graphite and aphanitic graphite.

Artificial graphite is similar to polycrystalline in crystallography. There are many kinds of artificial graphite, and the production process is very different. Broadly speaking, all graphite materials obtained by carbonization of organic compounds and treated by high temperature after being treated with graphite can be collectively referred to as artificial graphite, such as carbon (graphite) fibers, pyrolytic carbon (graphite) and foam graphite. In the narrow sense, artificial graphite usually refers to the massive solid materials, such as graphite electrode, hot isostatic pressure graphite, etc., which are made by batching, kneading, shaping, carbonization (Industrial called roasting) and graphitization, etc., with the carbon raw materials (petroleum coke, asphalt coke, etc.) with low impurity content as the aggregate and coal asphalt as the binder.

The difference and connection between natural graphite and artificial graphite

In view of the above natural graphite as the raw material to prepare the narrow sense artificial graphite, this paper only analyzes and discusses the differences and relations between natural graphite and narrow sense artificial graphite.


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