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What is ceramic radiator

Article Source:Taitong Smart | Author:Taitong Smart | Time:2019-12-06

Ordinary metal radiators can dissipate fluids below 800 degrees, and metal radiators cannot dissipate corrosive fluids and cannot achieve the purpose of dissipating heat.

Ceramic radiators have the following characteristics:

1. High temperature resistance and corrosion resistance, so ceramic radiators can be used in various high temperature and high corrosion fluids for heat dissipation, and the heat dissipation effect is good.

2. In the service life, under the same conditions, the ceramic radiator is several times or dozens of times the metal radiator.

Ceramic heat exchangers have been widely used in metallurgy, refractory materials, building materials, chemical industry, non-ferrous metals and other industries, saving a lot of energy for enterprises and reducing production costs.


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