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How to distinguish high conductivity silicon film and thermal conductive silicon

Article Source:Taitong Smart | Author:Taitong Smart | Time:2019-12-06

High thermal conductivity silicone sheet: a kind of flexible, insulating chemical, which is carried out by transferring heat, so that it can fill such gaps, and let the heating and cooling parts communicate with each other. This can be done To a reasonable heat transfer, it is generally applicable to many electronic products, then this is a thermally conductive substance used to transfer the temperature of the heat source to the radiator or the air.

The use of it can make the heating and the contact surface between the heat sinks larger, so that it can be face to face, so that the temperature difference in the temperature response of the contact can be reduced. He can be seen on mobile phones and computers. And there are some common usage methods and common usage meanings that everyone knows, the most important of which is to cool down.

Thermally conductive silicone is a type of cured silicone rubber. The difference from the high thermal conductivity silicone sheet mentioned above is that it is sheet-like and highly efficient. It has a high effect on cooling and bonding of electronic devices. It can also become a relatively hard object in a short time. This combination can reduce the thermal resistance, and it is also beneficial to the heat source and its surroundings. The heat conduction between the motherboard's shell, which has high thermal conductivity and good insulation, so that the machine can work well. However, its viscosity is relatively strong, and it will be difficult to remove it if it is adhered, so it is often a one-time adhesive. Because it is translucent, it will become a viscous liquid at high temperatures and will solidify at low temperatures. Yes, that amount is very elastic and has a high degree of adhesion.


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