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Precautions for use of fan

Article Source:Taitong Smart | Author:Taitong Smart | Time:2019-12-06

FanPrecautions for use】

    ①、Do not touch the blade and pull the power cord with force to prevent the power cord from winding the fan, which will damage the shaft and power cord;
    ②、Please avoid dust, water drop and insect entering, which will affect the life span and produce defective products;
    ③、Do not use it in combustible gas or any harmful environment;
    ④、Do not use this fan in high temperature environment higher than 80 ℃. If you use this fan in high temperature environment higher than 80 ℃, it will cause fan deformation and affect performance;
    ⑤、Oil contained fans should be used within six months. Long term storage will affect fan performance due to storage environmentnbsp;
    ⑥、When the fan is running, please do not lock the fan for a long time, this will burn the fan because of continuous stop and high heat;
    ⑦、When installing the fan, pay special attention to the noise caused by resonance or vibration;
    ⑧、When the fan falls from a height of 60cm during handling or operation, it will have some effects on the balance of the blade, especially the ball bearing to avoid falling;
    ⑨、The screw torque of the lock housing shall not exceed 4kgf; please do not block the fan with screwdriver, iron bar, etc., which will damage the fannbsp;
    ⑩、Please note that the fan will hurt your fingers at high speed.

【How to choose the most suitableFan
1. Look at the current - the same speed, the same voltage, the same air volume. The cooling fan with small current is better. Because the smaller the current, the smaller the fan loss, that is, the less energy consumption.
2. Listen to noise ---- the lower the noise, the better the cooling fan with the same speed and voltage, because the lower the noise is mainly related to the blades, bearings, oil products, assembly structure, etc. lt; 1 > the better the shape of the blades is designed, the greater the air volume is, and the lower the noise is, which is a technical process and also a test of the ability of technicians lt; 2 > the higher the bearing accuracy is, the less the friction between the fan and the shaft core is, The more accurate the size matching is, the lower the noise will be, which has a lot to do with the bearing material. < 3 > the lower the noise is, it means that the friction is small, the life of the bearing and the shaft core will be longer, and the life of the DC fan will also be longer.
3. Vibration measurement: fans of the same specification and speed, fans with small vibration are better. The smaller the vibration, the more stable the fan operation, the less the loss to the bearing and shaft core, and the longer the service life.


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