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How to understand cooling fan

Article Source:Taitong Smart | Author:Taitong Smart | Time:2019-12-06
Cooling fan,English Name: cooling fans. The technology and performance of the cooling fan has reached a mature stage, and new technologies are emerging. Fan specifications and sizes range from 8mm to 280mm, with voltage of 5V, 12V, 24V, 48V, 110V, 220V, 380V, square, round, olive shape, etc.

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Axial fan

The blades of an axial fan push air in the same direction as the shaft. The impeller of the axial fan is similar to the propeller. When it works, most of the flow direction is parallel to the shaft, in other words, along the axis. When the inlet air flow of the axial-flow fan is free air with zero static pressure, its power consumption is the lowest, and when it is running, its power consumption will increase with the rise of the back pressure of the air flow. Axial flow fan is usually installed on the cabinet of electrical equipment and sometimes integrated on the motor. Because of its compact structure, it can save a lot of space, and it is easy to install, so it is widely used. Features: high flow rate, moderate wind pressure.

Centrifugal fan

When the centrifugal fan works, the blade pushes the air to flow in the direction perpendicular to the axis (i.e. radial direction), the air inlet is along the axis direction, while the air outlet is perpendicular to the axis direction. In most cases, the axial fan can achieve the cooling effect. However, sometimes if the air flow needs to be rotated 90 degrees or the air pressure needs to be larger, the centrifugal fan must be selected. Strictly speaking, the fan is also a centrifugal fan. Features: limited flow rate, high wind pressure.

Mixed flow fan

The mixed flow fan is also called diagonal flow fan. At first glance, the mixed flow fan is no different from the axial flow fan. In fact, the inlet air of the mixed flow fan is along the axis, while the outlet air is along the diagonal direction of the axis and the vertical axis. Because the blades and casings of this kind of fan are conical, the wind pressure is higher, and the noise of the centrifugal fan is lower than that of the axial fan in the same size and other comparable performance. Features: high flow rate and relatively high wind pressure.

Cross flow fan

Cross flow can produce a large area of air flow, which is usually used for the large surface of cooling equipment. The inlet and outlet of the fan are perpendicular to the axis. The cross flow fan uses a long round bucket fan impeller to work. The diameter of this round bucket fan is relatively large. Because the diameter is large, it can use a relatively low speed on the basis of ensuring the overall air circulation, so as to reduce the noise caused by high-speed operation. Features: low flow rate, low wind pressure.

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