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Application of heat conductive silica gel sheet in LED lamps

Article Source:Taitong Smart | Author:Taitong Smart | Time:2019-12-06

The thermally conductive silicone gasket is used between the aluminum substrate shells; the role of the thermally conductive silicone sheet is to transfer the heat of the aluminum substrate in operation to the bottom of the housing of the LED lamp.

The application of thermally conductive silicone gaskets in high-power LED, backlight and other industries mainly focuses on the following aspects:

1. Large area needs heat conduction. When the area is large, it is not convenient to apply thermal grease.

2. Heat dissipation in an elongated area. For example: the size of 400 * width 4mm is easy to apply to the product using thermal grease (or thermal paste). (Such as fluorescent lamps, panel lamps; without screws, directly using a strong adhesive thermally conductive double-sided tape to bond and fix the aluminum substrate and heat sink)

3. When the level is uneven, the thermal conductive silicone sheet should also be used to conduct heat when the thermal conductivity cannot be filled.

4. When small size is required for heat dissipation, a thermally conductive silicone sheet should also be used for heat conduction.

5. When the cost of the product is not strict or the operation is convenient, the thermal conductive silicone sheet is also the first choice.


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