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Taitong teaches you how to distinguish DC fan from AC fan

Article Source:Taitong Smart | Author:Taitong Smart | Time:2019-12-06
1. Working principle:

The working principle of DC cooling fan It converts electric energy into machinery through DC voltage and electromagnetic induction, and drives the blades to rotate. Depending on the continuous switching of the coil and IC, the inductive magnetic ring drives the blade to rotate.

Working principle of AC fan: It is driven by AC power, and the voltage changes between positive and negative. It does not rely on circuit control and generates a magnetic field. The frequency of the power supply is fixed. The speed of magnetic poles produced by silicon steel plates depends on the frequency of the power supply. The higher the frequency, the faster the magnetic field switching speed, and theoretically the faster. However, the frequency should not be too fast, and too fast will cause startup difficulties.

2. Structural composition:

The rotor of a DC cooling fan includes a DC cooling fan blade, which is the source of the airflow. The fan shaft is used to support the balanced rotation of the fan blades. , Rotor magnetic ring, permanent magnet, and magnetic ring frame. Fixed magnetic ring. It also includes support springs. These components are used to secure the nodule and rotate the entire part. It has good speed regulation performance and simple control.

The internal structure (single-phase) of an AC fan consists of two coil windings, one is the start winding, and the two windings are connected in series with each other to form three points. The series point is the common terminal and the end of the starting winding is the starting terminal. The winding end is the running end. In addition, a startup capacitor is required. The capacity is usually between 12uf and the withstand voltage is usually 250v. There are two connectors. One end is connected to one end of the starting winding and the other end is connected to one end of the running winding. The power source (no need to distinguish the neutral wire of the live wire) is connected to one end of the running winding (that is, also to the capacitor), the other end is connected to the common end, and the ground wire is connected to the motor casing.

3. Material characteristics:

DC cooling fan material: made of alloy material, its service life can be used continuously for more than 50,000 hours. The DC internal structure has a transformer and a main control board (including frequency conversion circuits, rectifier filters, amplifier circuits, etc.), which will not be affected by voltage fluctuations, so its service life is long.

The internal structure of the AC fan is mainly a transformer. Most of the materials selected for AC fans are made with domestic discharge pins, usually tungsten pins or stainless steel. If the voltage fluctuates too much, it will affect the service life of the transformer. The above is the explanation of the differences between DC fans and AC fans. I hope it will be helpful to everyone. Shenzhen Taitong Intelligent Industrial Co., Ltd. is an innovative company specializing in the integration of research and development, manufacturing and sales of DC, AC, blower and EC fans. The company has passed many international certifications such as ISO9001 international quality management system, ISO14001 international environmental management system certification, first-class production environment, strict production management, and the products manufactured meet RoHS / halogen-free environmental requirements. We have always adopted a pragmatic attitude and a high cohesive team spirit to move towards the standard of zero defect products.


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